The Aligned Column Sets

All characters on a given FBI Black Dahlia-file page are the same width. FBI- file data is left-justified. This creates perfectly aligned columns. FBI-File Exhibit exhibits this. Raw data in the exhibit is from the FBI file, page 36. Counting characters censored in a given FBI blotout is no big deal. Reference nearby lines: as simple as 1, 2, 3. But FBI lines aren't right-justified. So I tended to steer clear of "blind" end-of-line blotouts.

FBI-File Exhibit

The Feel of the File

The purpose of the following 3 pages (FBI 6 through FBI 8) is to give you the feel of the FBI Black Dahlia file. That is all . . . But if you opt to do character-counting drills for thrills, or to check out my counting, have fun!




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